This soap is sure to make you smell divine! Infused with mint, basil and vanilla, it’s almost good enough to eat. On that note, I feel obligated to offer a special warning to those of you who have small children around – please, people, keep the soap tucked safely away in a drawer. I’m sure […]

The wool featured as the main image of this post is called ‘Desert Storm’ and I have some on back order from NessaLand. It should arrive sometime next month if all goes according to plan. Yippee! I always get so excited waiting for packages to arrive in the mail! In the meantime, I am using […]

I went to the annual crafts fare in New Brunswick a few weekends ago and stumbled across these adorable ceramic pots and serving dishes. I just loved the colours! Needless to say, I bought a set of each of the colours pictured here – and then served my famous home-made lasagne and garden salad in […]

You will need one metre of your favourite material, some more material that completely clashes with the original material (if you want your bag to look like all the other home-made bags out there) and a clashy zipper too. Or, if you want your bag to look slightly better than the other home-made offerings, for […]

Picked up some cheap baubles from Spotlight on Friday that were on special and decided to make a pretty bracelet out of them. Not bad for two bucks, hey! Let me know what you think. What is the cheapest piece of jewelry you’ve ever made?

Below are some of my favourite art supplies provided to you in this blog post in a shameless plug: Jasart Watercolour Pencils DMC Cotton Embroidery Thread

I saw this the other day and fell in love with it immediately, and promptly decided that I needed to make one myself for the outer wall of our house. I went to my local hardware store and bought some colored ceramic floor tiles. When I brought them home I got out a chisel and […]

We’ve all been there – little Jimmy or Jenny wants a big birthday party, but all her little school friends are gluten intolerant or allergic to nuts or legumes or are living a dairy free vegan lifestyle or whatever… So you, the good host, decide to do the right thing and offer something that everyone […]

Tis the season to be jolly and with that comes an opportunity for expressing creativity – in the form of decorative napkin holders. The sky is the limit here. I wanted to stick with the good ol’ green and red Christmas theme, so when I saw these napkins at a $2 store I realised all […]

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